”We always strive towards adding value to our customers business.”

Our whole business is created around people, that is the fundamental value of Devoote.
We believe the key to success is taking care of our employees. 

We believe passion makes for great work. We always aim to be passionated about finding great consultants and match with the best assignments.

Technology is the foundation of our business. It’s crucial for us to be up to date with the latest technology and make sure we are one step ahead of the market. If you stand still in our world, you will fall behind.  


Devooted consultants

– Want to join the Devoote team?

As a consultant at Devoote our goal is to offer you a younger, familiar and more flexible employer that stands out from the crowd in this business. Our number one priority is to make sure you feel like a part of something more than your assignment. And if you ask us, we are way more fun than others! 

We make sure to always be available to you, and try to make life as easy as possible. Anything from apartment hunting to new terms on the assignment, we will try to help you with it. Flexibility is important to us, so we try to make sure you can reach us at anytime, anywhere.  

  • Our goal is to offer a familiar and friendly work environment where we see and hear your needs. 
  • We believe in flexibility and benefits.  
  • It’s important to have fun! That’s why we get together about once a month at different events, lunches and activities. That way we get to know each other better, you get more colleagues and we make nice memories.  
  • We offer finder’s fee. Know anyone you think should work with us? Tell us and you will get a reward if we hire them!

This and a lot more is why working for Devoote is a great idea. Sounds good? Let us take you out for lunch and tell you more!


A Devooted company

– Why use Devoote?

At Devoote we offer experts in IT, specialized consultants within web development, embedded development and IT management. By hand picking our consultants we guarantee that you can feel safe working with us. We invest a lot in our consultants to always make sure they develop, feel like part of the team and of course, have fun. 

Our company is devoted to IT and development, as a matter a fact, that’s where the name comes from. Devoote is a word play between the words devoted and development. The world of IT is complicated and becomes more and more complex every day. That’s why we like to keep things simple and always strive for the best and easiest solutions for our customers. Let us be the experts!