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Devoote Integrity & GDPR Policy

At Devoote we want you to feel safe about how we handle your personal information. In line with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we updated our privacy policy for data and integrity. We have a lot of information that can be considered valuable to you in our systems, due to us receiving CV and personal letters, work history, profile pictures and other relevant information we might need when we handle you as a candidate. You can always contact us if you wish to be deleted from our systems. This goes for any information that we do not need to save for legal reasons. (Tax law may require us to save personal information about previous employees such as salary information.)

If we have information about you in our system it’s most likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • You have applied for an assignment through us, our website or registered your information in our database CATSONE.
  • We have been in contact with you through LinkedIn, recommendations or previous employments.
  • You currently work with us or have previously worked with us at some point

The purpose of the information about your education, qualifications and experience, is to identify your competence as a candidate and match it with the assignments that Devoote get from clients. Devoote will process and store consultants personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes that applied when we collected the data.

We have received your information in one of the following ways:

  • You have provided the information to our network in connection with a recruitment or application process on our website (our CV database CATSONE).
  • We have collected data from others for example. referrals, customers and sources such as LinkedIn.

If you still want to be part of our network and receive job offers, you don’t need to do anything. (We will keep believing that the interest in us contacting you regarding relevant and potential assignments is mutual). Of course you always have the right to leave us whenever you want by simply contacting us requesting to be deleted from our base by sending an email to

GDPR Privacy Policy Devoote AB

This data privacy notice gives you information regarding collecting, processing, storage and sharing of personal data for Devoote AB and relevant customers of Devoote AB. We will process and store your personal information when you register a digital profile in Devoote’s systems for the purpose of interaction with Devoote and/or the possibility to take on assignments for Devoote. The following personal data can be collected at registration Devoote’s system (CATSONE) and will be acessable for Devoote as long as needed for the purpose:

  1. Basic personal data: name, date of birth/personal identification number, e-mail address, nationality, gender, address, phone number and other private contact details, country of residence, and when needed other basic personal data. Your picture used for resumes.
  2. Partner Company data (when applicable): Company name, VAT number, homepage, F-tax verification (timestamp & performed by)
  3. Performing and planning work: Availability, information supporting quality assurance process and applications for available assignments, picture, searchable CV data (e.g. education, employments, assignments, competences etc.) that may be communicated to Devoote’s Customers.
  4. Business administration: Devoote administrator, recruiter and HR. Working time, travel expenses, contact information to next of kin and when needed other personal data necessary for business administration.
  5. Communication: personal data needed for access to Devoote’s IT-systems and networks, i.e. e-mail address/usernames for logging in and using the services available in Devoote’s time and finance portal Fortnox.
  6. Security: date of birth, personal identification number, and when needed other personal data necessary for security reasons.

The purposes of the processing of your personal data:

Devoote may collect and process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Administration and handling of the relationship, maintaining of an consultants data register.
  • Management, contracting, planning of work, assignments, projects and workforce, planning and allocation of resources
  • Evaluation and monitoring of performance
  • Payments and processing of compensation for work performed
  • Data for insurance purposes
  • Give the consultant access to Devoote’s information systems, maintain a safe, secure and efficient use of internal information, ensure that business critical information and other assets are safe and protected
  • Health and safety
  • Monitoring the use and application of internal policies and other regulations, protect property, material as well as intellectual property rights, prevent fraud and other illegal activities
  • Managing disputes and complaints, i.e. compensation claims, act according to other legal requirements that Devoote might have to apply as a result of assignments performed for Devoote.

The legal base for the processing of consultants personal data

The legal base for the processing of data is consent given at time of registration in Devoote’s and CATSONE systems as well as fulfilment of obligations in the contracts when performing assignments for Devoote. The legal base consists also of Devoote being obligated according to legal requirements and other regulations to process personal data in a specific order, i.e. in relation to the tax authorities or insurance companies or in order to correctly register working time. The legal base might also consist of a balancing of interests giving Devoote the right to process the data.

If the processing is necessary to fulfil a contractual obligation or a legal obligation the consultant cannot refuse the processing. If the processing of data is made after a balancing of interests the consultants refusal is tried on a case by case basis. If the processing is based on consent only, the consultant may always withdraw the consent.

Routines for storage and erasure

Devoote will process and store the consultants personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes that applied when collecting the data. Personal data will stored during the time period required due to legal obligation for Devoote to maintain the data, for example in order to verify correct tax deductions or for Devoote to be able to protect its rights as a contract party. The personal data will be erased according to schedule when it is no longer needed and when it isn’t possible consultants or authorities to claim compensation from Devoote according to contracts. Devoote might also have a need to save certain personal data that is connected to certain projects and therefore need to be saved during the lifecycle of the project.

The rights of the consultant

Consultants are entitled to rectify or complete any personal data that is faulty or incomplete. To the extent possible according to legal requirements Devoote will delete all data that is not necessary to save. Please turn to with questions regarding Devootes handling of personal data, requests and incident reporting.

For data processed based on consent only, the consultant may always at any time withdraw his or her consent. Withdrawing consent is done by the consultant her/himself by contacting Devoote on

Devoote shall, upon request, provide you with one (1) copy of the personal data undergoing processing. For any further copies requested, Devoote may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs.

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